DOM Blowout Preventer

Designed and manufactured by Alberta Petroleum Industries Ltd., the DOM spherical style BOP is one of our many product offerings. Constructed with the rigors of the Alberta Oil & Gas industry in mind, the unit is built and tested to the highest standards.

The DOM has evolved from years of hands-on experience in the BOP service and repair industry. Our proprietary seal and wiper design is an integral part of the 7 1/16” 3m/5m unit, increasing reliability when used in snubbing operations.


Proprietary SeaIs*

The longer rectangular seal prevents damage caused by rolling in the groove, increasing seal reliability and life.

Proprietary Locking Wiper*

Profile locks into groove and is retained by the seals to prevent it from extruding.

Extra Large Wear Band*

Provides longer life and added stability for the piston.

Through Bolted Nylock Nuts

Offer a strong and reliable connection that will not loosen accidentally. Simple removal with overhead rigging, allowing easier bag changes with no internal threads to stick or gall up.

Nitrided or Teflon coated Piston

These coatings improve wear life of the piston, meaning longer intervals between major repairs. Also provides corrosion resistance. Either Nitriding or Teflon coating is an option.

4 x Alignment Pins

Positive alignment and improved retention of the adapter ring which prevents flexure and binding during lid removal. Allows for hassle free element changes.


Contract Review

Product Details

Specification API 16A, 3rd Edition
Nominal Bore Size 7 1 / 16 " 9" as per API 6A, 19th Edition
Maximum Working Pressure 3000 PSI 5000 PSI
Nominal Dimensions 7 1/16 5000: Height - 3 1 ", Diameter - 29.0" 9 " 3000: Height - 33", Diameter - 35 1 / 2 "
End Connections - Upper 7 1 / 16" 5000(R46) Studded, 9 " 3000(R49) Studded
End Connections - Lower 7 1 / 16" 5000(R - 46) Flanged, 9 " 3000(R49) Flanged
Metallic Materials Temperature Rating Code T - 20: -20°F to 250°F(-29°C to 121°C)
Wellbore Elastomeric Materials Tenperature Rating Code AA. - 15°F to 180°F(-26°C to 82°C)
Non - Wellbore Elastomeric Materials Tenperawre Rating Code AA. - 15°F to 180°F(-26°C to 82°C)
Closure Bolting NACE MR - 0175 - 2003 compliant bolting & nuts on body correction
Application Land based drilling & service rigs
Element Determined bv Customer
Paint Details Determined by Customer
Seal Configuration Snubbing or Standard
Post Deiveiy Contract Arrangements Regulatory and Safety Requinements
Service on warrarty claims (12 months) NACE MR0175