Alberta Petroleum Industries offers our own line of blowout preventers (BOP). We offer a range of 7 1/16” BOP’s including our SRC and DOM spherical which are designed for snubbing operations. The DOM-SS is a standard spherical copy and is designed for use in standard service rig operations.

The DOM and DOM-SS are MADE IN CANADA products! From the original engineering and design, to castings, machining, QC inspection, final testing and application of the API 16A monogram, this is a Canadian made product.

We also supply, through our overseas partners, a long list of annular and ram type BOP’s ranging in size/pressure from 7 1/16” 5m up to 21 ¼” 2m. These BOP’s go through detailed inspections, ensuring they meet our own quality standards. We then issue our supporting documentation and provide a 1 year guarantee on these products. Customers therefore know that the equipment has undergone our rigorous inspection and testing procedures, and that Alberta Petroleum Industries stands behind the product.

Our API Q1 procedures and processes ensure we follow consistently high standards of inspection and quality control.