Regional Standards BOP Certification

We have a long history of servicing and certifying drill through equipment for the Western Canadian drilling and service rig industry. Our key personnel have decades of experience in both the service and production segments of the industry. Certification work for Alberta customers follows AER Directive 36 and receives final approval from our in house engineer. With the necessary information, we can certify to any regional standard.

International Standards BOP Certification

Alberta Petroleum Industries provides Certification for international customers to API S53 or API 16A Appendix B. Our participation in American Petroleum Institute task groups provides us with much insight to offer customers on API standards.

Equipment Size and Pressure Handling Capability

Our facilities and handling equipment allow us to certify some of the largest blow out preventers and manifolds working in the area.

  • Ram and Annular BOP’s: Sizes from 7 1/16” up to 21 ¼”, with pressure ranges from 2000 psi up to 15,000 psi

  • Manifolds: Double guts as large as 4 1/16 10,000 psi

  • Spools: as large as 21 ¼”

  • Valves: We regularly service and recertify valves up to 4 1/16 10,000 psi, and can handle larger if requested